Doctor Who, Special: Legend of the Sea Devils (2022)

Doctor Who, Special: Legend of the Sea Devils (2022)

Doctor Who

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2022-04-17
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 2
  • iTunes Price: USD 1.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 2.99


In a swashbuckling special adventure, the Doctor, Yaz and Dan come face to fin with one of the Doctor's oldest adversaries: the Sea Devils. Why has legendary pirate queen Madam Ching come searching for a lost treasure? What terrifying forces lurk beneath the oceans of the nineteenth century? And did Yaz really have to dress Dan up as a pirate?


Title Time Price
1 Legend of the Sea Devils 47:55 Season Only Buy on iTunes
2 Trailer 01:02 Season Only Buy on iTunes


  • Worst rated Dr. ever

    By xman577
    The radius pour and the actress does not know how to do science-fiction
  • Hello?!?!

    By Ozhigwan
    Does anybody anywhere read this? Someone at the BBC?! I really would love it if you fixed these last two episodes!!! Both “Eve of the Daleks” and “Legend of the Sea Devils” are in season 1 along with all the other season 1 episodes from way back in 2005! Please fix this! Please fix this! Please fix this now! If you are unsure where to put them, put them into the same season with all the specials and Christmas specials like “A Christmas Carol” and “The Day of the Doctor.” I care about this show that I buy every episode and all I ask is that you care enough for this show to put the episodes in the proper place.
  • Wrong sorting….again.

    By Knxvc
    Oh good! Another episode that ends up sorted into season 1! These last two season specials go really well with the first episodes from 2005…… fix this please.
  • That was darn fun

    By Sepdet
    Scrappy, a bit of 80s Who with 21st century FX and pacing, like all of Jodie's era (funny that), but I enjoyed it immensely. A dash of swashbuckling, monsters, comedy, "kettle and a ball of string", and even a few crumbs for the longsuffering Thasmin shippers. Sea Devils are still a little underdeveloped, just as they were back in the old days, but they had a little more depth. So to speak. And wow some of the visuals were fantastic. (Hello to our old friends, Teal and Orange.) I love the way the past few years of Who have decided that whenever they need a side character, they'll plumb the vast castlist of "cool historical figures your school didn't tell you about because they weren't upper class English-speaking white guys or royals." Even if there isn't much time to spend with them in these 50 minute episodes (ho you manage to tell ANY kind of story in the modern era, I do not know, but I'm sure the classic Who I grew up with looks plodding). The trailer for Jodie's finale gave this old Whovian a happy surprise: I won't spoil it, save to say there were some familiar faces from MY era, who will make it a little easier for me to let go of Thirteen (stupid, lovable, maddening Doctor, just like all of them), and poor Yaz. Looking forward to a reunion with old friends.
  • Awesome as always!!!

    By Greg_oreo95
    What can I say? Doctor Who is just as amazing as ever!!!