True Detective, Season 3

True Detective, Season 3

True Detective

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2019-01-13
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 18
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 19.99


In the heart of the Ozarks, the mystery surrounding a chilling crime deepens over three decades. Season 3 of the hit HBO series stars Mahershala Ali (Best Supporting Actor Oscar(R) for “Moonlight”) as a retired detective who has been tormented for 35 years by a case involving the disappearance of a 12-year-old boy and his 10-year-old sister in the town of West Finger, Arkansas.


Title Time Price
1 The Great War and Modern Memory 58:58 USD 2.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 57:38 USD 2.99 Buy on iTunes
3 The Big Never 54:48 USD 2.99 Buy on iTunes
4 The Hour and the Day 1:06:57 USD 2.99 Buy on iTunes
5 If You Have Ghosts 58:36 USD 2.99 Buy on iTunes
6 Hunters in the Dark 58:02 USD 2.99 Buy on iTunes
7 The Final Country 57:19 USD 2.99 Buy on iTunes
8 Now Am Found 1:15:58 USD 2.99 Buy on iTunes
9 True Detective: Season 3, Trailer 02:01 Free Buy on iTunes
10 True Detective: Season 3: Designing the 07:45 Season Only Buy on iTunes
11 True Detective: Season 3 Character: Rola 01:35 Season Only Buy on iTunes
12 True Detective: Season 3 Character: Wayn 01:55 Season Only Buy on iTunes
13 True Detective: Season 3 Character: Amel 01:44 Season Only Buy on iTunes
14 True Detective: Season 3 Character: Lucy 01:19 Season Only Buy on iTunes
15 True Detective: Season 3 Character: Tom 01:26 Season Only Buy on iTunes
16 New to True: Lead Detective 01:26 Season Only Buy on iTunes
17 New to True: Ozarks 01:12 Season Only Buy on iTunes
18 New to True: Time 01:14 Season Only Buy on iTunes


  • Much better than the second season

    By Nicholas becerra
    Season 3 is actually much better than the second season it treats it slow and action packed I love True Detective it's unforgettable.
  • Show's trying too hard

    By kryptosam
    Wow, after season 2's disastrous contrivance, complete with "Russian" boogeymen, this season seemed to be capturing the gritty intensity of the first season- for a few episodes. Then it devolves into a strenous pushing of the character development and the dysfunctional relatioships, and is too slow on movement. The cops drive around, jump from suspect to suspect with over-cool dialogue and get tough. But it gets old. The clues slowly trickle in to try and surprise the viewer, but, inevitably, the story is just kind of stitched together from the swatches of the earlier episodes. It's not satisfying, and really is almost an insultingly stupid ending. The entire final episode is just dialogue in which the characters explain what happened. That's pretty disappointing that they couldn't do it with action.
  • Transcendent

    By NixArt
    What I loved about the first season shows up here and what I hated about the first season (there wasn’t much to hate) doesn’t. Very methodical, thoughtful, and intense. Among the best HBO has to offer.
  • Slow, Boring.. no action like the last 2 seasons

    By Society0590
    This season 3 of True detective has been a real dissappointment to me , i was waiting for season 3 to come out after really enjoying season 1 and 2. This season was slow, very very slow. No action, no bite your nails kind of scenarios, just slow; too much talking too much of the same repetitive thing. Real dissappointment.
  • Beyond pleasantly surprised!

    By nipnapkin
    Ya know, I was dogged and exhausted by the bloat of season 2, but this season renewed my faith. Perfect bookend to season 1. Just watch it, its worth the intrigue.
  • Season 3 is what made the the series truly good again.

    By Serious the Kat..
    What makes a series solid is the story telling. Season 1 was dynamic. Season 2 lacked a clear narrative. Season 3 put every character and multiple time lines back on track. The details include the right actors. Still gritty, raw, and sometimes sad. Law enforcement is not a glory hound career. Crime takes time. A true detective analyzes both the obvious and the hidden.. That's what makes this show different from the dumbed down networks..
  • Back on track

    By holyfoxStuggi0711
    Yess! True Detective as we loved it in season 1, is finally back. 🙏🏻Thank you
  • Excellent Must Watch

    By pdissal
    I loved season 1 and was disappointed with season 2. Season 3 restored my faith in this series.....It’s definitely worth watching

    By Simpson fanatic
    Finally we get another good season of TD just like the first one! Everything was well done the acting makeup plot thank you 2x Oscar award winner Mahershala Ali!!!!
  • The show is great again.

    By 700 Pages
    Let this be a lesson to the studios: great writing and a good story are WAY more important than familiar actors. I enjoy being able to get lost in a story with new and interesting faces and without recognizing too many actors from too many other places.