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  • Typo? IDK

    By g_dabau
    Got the entire series boxset for $14.99. Was it supposed to be that cheep? I mean, let’s be real, how much should the industry be able to milk these shows and movies for anyways? Between physical,digital,streaming,cable,theaters,rentals and all the “free with ads” streaming apps around! Come to think of it, after years of paying cable bills, buying tickets, dvds, blue rays,blockbuster trips and streaming subscriptions, I think maybe I paid $14.99 to much!
  • Best deal I ever!!

    By Lord Xing
    15 bucks for the whole series can’t pass that up!!
  • An Amazing Value!!!

    By ian58952
    This show was sooooo good when it aired, even though it was messed up. It funny, weird, ridiculous, nostalgic, and sometimes down right insightful. Do yourself a favor and skip signing up for AMC+ and just buy the series if this only thing you wanted to check out. This complete series set is a great value.
  • R

    By 090222122222222v
  • Aidenjamesring

    By aidenjamesring
  • Not a TV Show, this is pure art.

    By elkidkid1
    I have never seen a series as perfect as Mad Men. Its dialogues, cinematography, decoration, its pace. I’ve seen all the series critics regard as “best ever”, no one gets close to Mad Men. I truly believe you need to have certain level of culture and aesthetic taste to fully understand and absorb this masterpiece.
  • Great

    By lil_trench
    Very amazing
  • Perfection

    By SnookFan
    Mad Men is the greatest drama, and possibly the greatest show, in the history of television. The writing, characters, actors, and cinematography are outstanding. This set is wonderful and includes a lot of valuable extra features. I hope it comes out in 4K some day. It would look even more spectacular.
  • Awesome show

    By Nyzromeo
    Love this slow!
  • Show is Great, Apple Interface Problems

    By Sensei Bish
    Bought the complete series and there is no organization. All shows are laid out together rather than by season. Have to scroll through all the episodes to get to the one I haven’t watched. I thought Apple was high tech