Everything Everywhere All At Once

Everything Everywhere All At Once

By Daniel Scheinert & Daniel Kwan

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2022-04-08
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 19min
  • Director: Daniel Scheinert & Daniel Kwan
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


When an interdimensional rupture threatens to unravel reality, the fate of the world is suddenly in the hands of a most unlikely hero: Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh), an overwhelmed immigrant mother. As bizarre and bewildering dangers emerge from the many possible universes, she must learn to channel her newfound powers and fight to save her home, her family, and herself, in this big-hearted and hilarious adventure through the multiverse.


  • Dumb Movie

    By ssw2001
    How in the world is this movie nominated for 11 academy awards, including best picture? This is the worst movie I have seen in a long time! I wasted 139 minutes of my life watching this movie. Skip it and trust the one star reviews.
  • Beautiful

    By Fletch F. Fletch
    Everything Everywhere All At Once. I’m a grown man and I cried through almost the whole movie. Maybe a little because their sad little struggling existence in the beginning looks a lot like one I’ve lived. A lot because the movie has so much authentic emotion and that it breaks and fills up your heart. A lot because it’s so imaginative and joyous that it had a profound effect on me that I would just get so overwhelmed watching it I’d tear up. It’s so original and on top of it so many Asian faces. It means so much that there’s so much Asian culture and experience in such a big movie, but that Asian-ness is no more consequential than if they were Irish. It’s a part of who they are, but it’s not all they are. It makes us all the more connected despite our differences. But the last thing is the idea that we all have so much potential. So many possibilities. And maybe we always have, possibilities. Shortround, all these years later is BACK. In real life. So that message rings true. And he is wonderful in the movie by the way. After all this time he found his potential again. Everyone does personal best work in this film, especially Michelle Yeoh. One of the great film performances. Ever. The effects and editing weren’t more of the same thing we’ve seen and gotten spoiled by seeing often. All that production and detail instead applied to sights we’ve never seen in places you’d least expect it. It might not have the same effect and affect on everyone, but I thought it was just beautiful. There’s so much humor and originality and unbridled imagination and the ability to take ideas, that like the multiverse has been done many times, but make them feel fresh and new. We’re lucky if we have people to walk through the world with, and even at our worst we can remember there’s still something to love in us all. How beautiful is that?
  • Great Movie !

    By SeekOcean
    This movie is about inner life fighting, life problems, kids, family and more. People who rate this movie 1 star are just not smart enough to understand the meaning of the movie. Go watch Matrix that has no meaning and just pure sci fi action. This movie has a deep meaning in all the scenes of the movie. To better understand it, you have to watch it all the way to the end.
  • Edit everything out except the fight scenes

    By IPfreely9
    It’s about 2 and a half hours loooong. I love John Wick movies and if you think it’s similar. Then don’t watch this movie. If you just watch the first 20 minutes and the last 20 minutes of the movie. You just saved yourself 2 hours on doing something more productive. Your Welcome!
  • Best Picture

    By nellyson25
    Best Picture
  • Not for everyone

    By thingthangin
    I hate marvel so it was like watching dr strange without having to watch it very funny moments and then the touching moments
  • Price gouging

    By Ticomichael1988
    Per usual Apple is classic at jacking price up for Oscar nomination movies
  • Could not wait to see

    By Earthscarves
    But, once I got the chance to watch I could not believe what all the great reviews were about. I even had to read some of the reviews to try to understand why so many people loved this movie. I was understandably happy to see that I was not alone with my opinion. And, lastly 2022 certainly has and had a vast amount of really boring movies in the Oscar race. I just hope 2023 proves to be better.
  • The normies can't wrap their heads around this masterpiece

    By miwwiew
    This movie is overwhelming and dazzling, sure; it is everything BUT confusing. To say that you're lost or bored when watching this movie means that you didn't even give it a chance to understand the story. EEAO had me laughing and sobbing and leaving the theater ruminating on the meaning of life. It is an excellent purchase for rewatching the smorgasbord of details and visual gags, or to soak in Ke Huy Quan's masterful monologue.
  • Best movie of 2022

    By Cesarrendon0010
    Recommend it for everyone