A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

By John Krasinski

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 2018-04-06
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 30min
  • Director: John Krasinski
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


If they hear you, they hunt you. In this critically acclaimed, worldwide box office hit, a family must navigate their lives in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. Knowing that even the slightest whisper or footstep can bring death, Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski) Abbott are determined to find a way to protect their children at all costs while they desperately search for a way to fight back.


  • Edge of the seat

    By Balldinho
    Great tone, amazing intensity, shot brilliantly. Everything you want in a thriller
  • Great movie

    By I did not go ZZzzzzz
    The beginning is kind of slow because of everything being quiet. But because if it being quiet, the jump scares are better. Like I’ m just thinking the whole time ‘Are they going to make it?!’.
  • one dimensional

    By nachname
    this was not very good. almost boring.
  • The best movie I’ve ever seen!

    By fishboy_tesla21
    Tell me your going to see part two, without telling me your going to see part two.

    By the ovrcast
    I forgot to write a review so here it is... a review
  • Phenomenal & Emotional rollercoaster !!

    By Lucas Lockwood
    This movie is absolutely amazing in how it captures your heart through the lens of a loving family as they fight to keep each safe!
  • Amazing!

    By Dbarron86
    Love it!
  • Meh

    By AlexT8er
    It was okay. The solution to beating them was extremely obvious and I feel like humanity would have figured it out way faster.
  • Hated it.

    By Devil2357
    Horrible movie. In a world like that this family makes the worst choices imaginable.
  • Great movie

    By Super_koi_fish
    Awesome movie, filled with great suspense!